Magic Harp

The harp is one of the oldest and most versatile instruments around. Known for more than five thousand years, it has bewitched kings and maidens, has been played in streets and on clouds, sounds at times sweet and melancholy, then hefty and danceable. It is the restrained chirping instrument of the angles and accompanied minstrels and wandering musicians; it may be found on concert stages and in jazz clubs. Once it was spread all over the world; today, it is still common in large parts of Centrals and Southern America, in Europe and in the Sub-Sahara; in Asia it only survived in Myanmar, though.

This collection assembles some of the most typical harp sounds in jazz, classical and tradional music, feat. a.o. Derek Bell (IRL), Biermösl Blosn (DEU), Cristina Braga (BRA), Ba Cissoko (GNB), Edmar Castaneda (COL), Cui Junzhi (CHI), Toumani Diabate (MLI), Dimi Mint Abba (MRT), Alhaji Bai Konte (GMB), Harpo Marx (USA), Loreena McKennitt (CAN), Rüdiger Oppermann (DEU), Sileas (SCO), Alan Stivell (FRA), and Nicanor Zabaleta (ESP).

The booklet contains a detailed history of the instrument, explains the different forms and its use in various musical styles and cultures.

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Congratulations! This type of book-form is excellent.
Michael Baird, SWP Records

It is a beautiful production, really fantastic. Congratulations.
Fran O’Rourke

Catalogue number
NoEthno 1012-14


Book with 96-page booklet plus 3 CDs with 53 audio tracks (240 min.)
Release date: 20 January, 2012


Disc 1

1 José Gutiérrez y Los Hermanos Ochoa (Mexico): La Bamba 3:08
2 Peter Reitmeir & Otto Ehrenstrasser (Austria): Brixentaler Bauernpolka 2:59
3 Harpo Marx (USA): Harpo Woogie 1:41
4 Rüdiger Oppermann (Germany): If Six Was Nine 6:11
5 Temusewo Mukasa (Uganda): Okwagala omulungi kwesengereza 3:03
6 Cristina Braga (Brazil): O Gaúcho 3:29
7 Asni The Harper (Germany): Chaconas y Marionas 2:11
8 Nicanor Zabaleta (Spain): Estudiantina, aus Concierto Serenata para Arpa y Orquesta von Joaquín Rodrigo 8:14
9 Saw Takah Wah (Myanmar): Altes Lied der Karen 5:30
10 Alhaji Bai Konte (The Gambia): Jimaro Sose 3:16
11 Paul Dooley (Éire): Loftus Jones 2:31
12 Leila Mes-Chischwili (Georgia): Horumi 2:44
13 Strange Rainbow (Scotland): transformed into these lacy fiery fragments 5:14
14 Dorothy Ashby (USA): Dancing On The Ceiling 7:27
15 Aliquando (USA|Germany): Freisinger Petruslied 1:50
16 Cui Junzhi (China): In Search Of The Ordinary Life 7:33
17 Lanta Kerkure (Burkina Faso): Le célibataire – La prostituée 2:18
18 Alfredo Sánchez (Venezuela): Flores Aragueñas 4:01
19 Loreena McKennitt (Canada): Stolen Child 5:07

Disc 2

1 Songhai (Mali|Spain|Great Britain): Jarabi 3:38
2 Edmar Castaneda (Colombia): Entre Cuerdas 8:03
3 Solongo Damdin (Mongolia): Mandah Narrh 3:26
4 Derek Bell & Fran O Rourke (Éire): Easpag Seán Ó hArt (Dr. John Hart) 4:25
5 Félix Pérez Cardozo (Paraguay): Llegada 2:43
6 Dimi Mint Abba (Mauritania): Chaviou Elwara (Introduction) 5:14
7 Ba Cissoko (Guinea-Bissau): Yele 5:10
8 Biermösl Blosn (Germany): Che-Guevara-Landler 2:21
9 Sileas (Scotland): The Dusty Windowsill 4:39
10 Inle Myint Maung (Myanmar): Koù mye’ soun (The Twelve Royal Gates) 6:49
11 Xenia Narati (Germany): Round 1:31
12 Joseph Lidza (Congo): Abu Madzada 1:23
13 Aberjaber (Wales): Pedwar Darn Llawysgrif ap Huw 8:47
14 Sidikiba Keita (Mali): Tita 5:08
15 Wind Song 10 2:39
16 Alan Stivell (France): Reflets 4:19
17 Phia Berghout (The Netherlands): Danse sacrée et danse profane, von Claude Debussy 9:20

Disc 3

Robin Huw Bowen (Wales) | Sixto Corbalán (Paraguay) | Tom Daun (Germany) | Lamin Jobarteh (The Gambia) | U Kyaw Myo Naing (Myanmar) | Park Stickney (USA)

1 Y Dydd 6:08
2 Ríl Llanofer 3:05
3 Mama Tamba / Aria Poloness 4:08
4 Susurros de la noche 5:36
5 Prélude > Acht Elfen 4:17
6 Still, Life With Jazz Harp 5:12
7 A Phay 13:15
8 Pájaro campana 4:06
9 Lamento di Tristano > La Rotta di Tristano 3:22
10 Hen Aelwyd 1:48
11 Coedwigwyr Lleweni > Polca Alabaina 3:08
12 Stuzzicadenti 3:13
13 Dirty Laundry Rag 2:00
14 Kelefa Ba 3:49
15 Caravan 5:46
16 El tren lechero 5:09
17 Merch Megan 2:41