Magic Banjo

Celebrating the clarinet’s 300th birthday with a journey through its soundworlds

Many instruments imitate the human voice. But few manage to do it as closely as the clarinet. With its combination of wood and metal and its disturbing array of keys and metal ligatures, it looks complicated. Yet despite its technical shape, the clarinet’s sound is considered to be smooth and liquid, and its tone fragile, able to evoke deep emotionality and spirituality, soulfulness and sometimes bluesiness, but also ecstasy with its upper registers. The entire clarinet family has great powers of pianissimo and of crescendo and diminuendo, indeed greater than those of any other wind instrument.

As demonstrated in this collection, the clarinet shows these qualities in classical music and in jazz, and also in several folk music around the world. This edition is dedicated to the standard clarinet and offers music by Sidney Bechet (USA), Tara Bouman (NLD), Naftule Brandwein (USA), Brave Old World (USA), Napoleon Damos (GRE), Buddy DeFranco (USA), Paquito D’Rivera (CUB), Giora Feidman (ISR), Benny Goodman (USA), Reginald Kell (GBR), Sabine Meyer (GER), AKC Natarayan (IND), Naylor Proveta (BRA), Tapani Rinne (FIN), Louis Sclavis (FRA), Selim Sesler (TUR), Artie Shaw (USA), and many more.

The extra CD contains T&FF Rudolstadt 2001’s unique clarinet project, featuring Matt Darriau (USA), Sergej Klevensky (RUS), Ibon Koteron (ESP), Ivo Papasov (BUL), Sergej Starostin (RUS), Heikki Syrjänen (Fin), Pekka Westerholm (FIN) sowie Gebhard Ullmann & The Clarinet Trio (DEU).

Price: 25 Euro



Catalogue number: 1008/09/10


Box with 100 page booklet plus 3 CDs with 47 audio tracks (250 min.)
Release date: 24 June 2010


Disc 1

1 Väinö Aarnio (Finland): Häihin kutsu 0:48

2 Buddy DeFranco (USA): Yesterdays 4:08

3 Christian Duro (France): Ton Maine Kroisañ ha ton ar Boked 2:05

4 Münchner Bassetthorntrio (Germany): Rondo. Allegretto 1:29

5 Salzburg Orchester Solisten (Austria): Adagio, from Mozart's Concert For Clarinet And Orchestra, KV 622 7:16

6 Naftule Brandwein (USA): Fufzehn Yahr fon der Heimat awek 3:10

7 Tara Bouman (The Netherlands): Taras Flug 2:17

8 Napoleon Damos (Greece): Klamata 7:36

9 Techno Roman Project (Turkey): Bu Candi Rom 5:16

10 Benny Goodman (USA): Verbunkos, from Bartók's Contrasts 5:26

11 Eugène Delouch (Martinique): En ti Punch 3:11

12 Tommy Ladnier and his Orchestra (USA): Weary Blues 3:02

13 Paquito D'Rivera (Cuba): Andalucia Medley 5:34

14 Cicala Mvta (Japan): Punku Mancha na odori 4:44

15 Sabine Meyer (Germany): Vif, from Milhaud's Scaramouche 2:42

16 Moderna Tradição (Brazil): Pérolas 6:45

17 Giora Feidman (Israel): Shefer Nigun 2:39

18 A.K.C. Natarajan (India): Ninnivina 8:07

19 Donald Kachamba’s Kwela Band (Malawi): Chikumbutso Lumba 3:13

Disc 2

1 El Negro y su Élite (Colombia): El Jujú 4:52

2 Brave Old World (USA): Rufn di Kinder aheym 6:02

3 Double Trio (France | The Netherlands | USA): Suite domestique 8:41

4 Alexandre Stellio (Martinique): Soigné i ba moin 3:08

5 Paulo Moura (Brazil): Maré Cheia 4:49

6 Mohammad Shirkodayi (Iran): Samki 5:13

7 Coast Social Orchestra (Kenya): Ngamririkanya 2:50

8 Krishna Das (Nepal): Gurans Ko Phool Siuri 3:58

9 Ländlerkapelle Geisser, Altdorf (Switzerland): Stubete 2:39

10 Eric Dolphy (USA): God Bless The Child 5:26

11 Reginald Kell & The Busch Quartet (Great Britain | Germany): Adagio, from Brahms' Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115 12:23

12 RinneRadio (Finland): Mel 3:50

13 ?ükrü Tunar (Turkey): Hicaz raks 3:10

14 Jonianet & Saze Ensemble (Albany): Delvinjote moj e bukuro 3:12

15 Artie Shaw (USA): Concerto For Clarinet 9:15

Extra Disc

1 Black Cat 9:13
2 O Me Poor Boy 5:42
3 Grey Bird/Russian Cowboy 5:14
4 Arta Kamara/Aita San Miguel 4:09
5 Klezmer…Flower…Tag 4:33
6 Dih Dio 10:23
7 Laulu 5:42
8 A Hupfata (Klarinettenmuckel) 4:03
9 Collective 1-4 7:06
10 Panama 6:29
11 Slow Song and Horo 8:14
12 Mater Aurea/Temura 4:28
13 Selka Rachenica 12:37